H&M Studio SS15 – Hyped as their designer co-operations!

HM-Studio-SS-2015-look-book-high-res-1-1The best Studio Collection EVER from H&M is soon (March 15th) available all around the world! I don´t think you have missed the press release of this, but I need to be sure :-)….

H&M´s Studio collections are soon just as hyped as their Designer co-operations, and that is pretty amazing! Here you see my choices – 4 looks that I might even copy right off, which is like breaking one of my core-rules. I believe it is “crucial” that you add your persona touch to whatever you wear

… but what to do, H&M´s stylists apparently had me on their mind when they did the styling for #H&Mstudioss15 collection :-))

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I got a phone call from GOOGLE

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Do you remember this post? I think it got a lot of feed-back and attention and I will just tell you that I try to do all good my self as well. Sometimes, things do not go my way and that is normally because I get too eager and impatient. One example is when I wanted to elevate my blog, and “got lost” in an technical adventure that was way beyond my skills. So frustrating – but luckily I am more stubborn that my “set-backs” and keep on going like the most expensive and durable battery ever.

Last week,  I! – got a phone call from GOOGLE! They want to know what I want with “You are a Goddess too”  

Wow, How do you respond to that – I mean my first reaction was that: they must got the wrong phone number…. then it was; I must have heard wrong, do I have a friend called something like “Google”… but 25 minutes later I had gotten the best help from them. Thank you Aimee.

But, I am ready!

1931059_33641001708_4822_n  Face forward


Take the lesson from Carine Roitfeld, if you need an excuse to buy something expensive

You are a Goddess too

Need an excuse to buy something expensive? The best excuse is that you will properly save the environment a bit!

Ok, that´s a joke, but read this theory:

-When you buy fewer items, you can spend more money on each item, -when you buy fewer styles you can invest in better qualities and then again use the item/style for many years! So it is all Win -Win right!

Isn´t that amazing :-)) Buy styles you can wear in many different ways, like Carine Roitfeld does. You might think that because she is “her” and get´s so much for free she only wear “things” in public 1 time, but if you study her outfits you will notice that she is a master in using her styles in different ways so that they appear new.

She is amazing when it comes to “creating” that cool, french sexy look. Here she wears a light…

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It´s all in the detail


I am NOT a big fan of showing bare skin from my waist…. I am not “just” to old for it – it never looked good on me, and I have not seen the trend looking good on many … I´m sorry, but this is one of those trends that are for Supermodels with Gazelle posture.

Nevertheless, there are great ways to wear difficult trends – here is one of them…. And think of it; now you got really good reasons to splurges on beautiful lingerie – as you are going to show it strangers….


Fashion, Politics and Religion?

Has Fashion and Politics gotten too involved? and is Religion involved here as well?     I think it´s cool when Fashion asks questions, because the business have so much power,but sometimes it´s difficult to find the answers…


Copenhagen Fashion week Day 1

Copenhagen Fashion Week, day 1

There were absolutely some nice surprises here at the fashion fair today. First of all – the atmosphere….. It was friendly, warm and full of dedicated amazing hard working people, who (like a dancer) makes the result of many many hours of preparation look like it´s sooo easy. It amazes me to see so many brands gathered together in some kind of unity – and yet they all truly believes they got something more special than everyone else.


There were many commercial brands who really made their collections look much more expensive than they actually are. One fine example was Gestuz. They are very “GUCCI WANNABE´s” in their styling, but it looks really good!

IMG_3208  IMG_3209

A Danish brand called SAND Copenhagen made some really amazing “Stand-out” pieces. Not for those who want to melt in, but for heroes and superstars – and aren´t we all a superstar every now and then? Here below, their sales rep shows her favorite piece from the collection:

IMG_3219   IMG_3217

Then there was Mes Dames – a very cool Swedish avantgarde brand, who found their inspiration from painter and photograph Dora Maar – she was one of Picasso’s muses, and now she became Mes Dames´s muse. I love circles, they makes so much sense to me. Here below Erik Stern shows his favorite piece:


I Love YSL, Meryl Streep and safari, but I will remember that I live in 2015

Spring is spelt  S A  F A R I, but remember we live in 2015. I get inspired by YSL´s take on the safari style – and I still remember Meryl Streep in Out of Africa – but personally I will give the Safari stile a personal touch with a luxury belt as the HUGO BOSS you see here below, and I will infuse the safari look with inspiration from the (just as African/Arabic) Kaftan as you see on picture 2.

Safari dräm   ATT00006

Spring and Summer makes me want to wear Havaianas all the time – but I could never skip the heels entirely – I will just forget the black pointy pumps for a while and option Gladiators in nude color´s or brown open toe heels so that it will melt in with the sand

I bought these a couple of years ago from HUGO BOSS, but I still love them ♥