Wear sunshine & lipstick

I love the color of white. It is so crisp, so powerful, so stunning – and soooo delicate.

It signals:

 1) I do not give a damn!   2) I totally can afford a dry clean if I want to!   3) I am too cool to wear black!

One thing though…  there seems to be this misunderstanding that black is a difficult color, but everybody can wear white.

That is not true! It takes skills to understand this understated hue! The good new is, skills are easily trained.

Look a this photo:

All you need is sunshine, lipstick and an ounce of THAT attitude ❤

White light perfection  37_Modemagasinet IN_March14_Denmark

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You are a Goddess too

I have always dared to dream BIG, and my "naive" approach to life has opened many doors for me both professionally as well as personally. I want to inspire you to feel that you can be everything you are

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