Want a job in FASHION? Come on then, It is not all black and white you know

Black               White


In the fashion industry, there has (luckily) been a rotation in the hierarchy. I guess there are a majority of people who loves to break the rules and there are lots of people who are rebels at heart. So chances should be quite normal in this industry, right?

Fashion houses and celebrities has always had a lot of power and impact when it comes to “dictating” what people should wear. The love between the stars and the designers was mutual, so the love was easy to maintain.

But even that relationship crashed… like a married couple that has lost their sparkle after many years together.

Suddenly fashion houses started to look for new, talented young (and hyped by the people) fashion designers. The houses that got the best of the best (in some cases the most un-expected match like TOM FORD for GUCCI, Nicolas Ghesquiere for Balenciaga, Phibe Philo for CELINE, Jason Wu for HUGO BOSS and so on) has managed to turn a low interest in the brand into a coarse that is similar to a moon racket before take off. The brands are (in some cases were) experiencing a fantastic revival. Many of these extremely talented designers are not just pleasing the super stars anymore, No they find their inspiration from the street, in architecture, from nature ect, and yes, they still use celebrities – but as it seems that in 2014, everyone is a celebrity if they want to the designers have like an Ocean of different kind of people to chose from when deciding whom they want as their muse. And I think they make some great choices. Karl Lagerfeld, is an oldie but the “bestie” and he is almost the biggest rebel of them all – using the best, cool, inspiring muses – many of the muses were even un-known to the NORM before Karl Lagerfeld introduced them to us

So back to the headline;

POWER ! Yes, like it or not Power is still the key to many doors

POWER ? Those who had it before might not have it tomorrow so go for it – in fashion, the majority of the people who life their life and doing their thing has A LOT OF POWER as influencers on the designers.

POWER # I love the word “NORM-CORE” To me it says two things, 1) looking like a you took a little of everything you had in your closet and made a mix match of all styles did not work out for you anyway! Did! tried it! remember?

The normcore styles, silhouettes and colors are exactly like the perfect make-up base for you. Think of CHANEL´s Les Beiges color scale, it is suitable, wearable and beautiful colors.

Colors that makes you look your best, colors that are complimentary and wearable and yes – Pret a Porter (ready to wear) Colors and styles you want to spend your life in. and you know, YOU, THE NORM, DID THAT for all of us.

YOU, inspired the designers into that direction – YOU HAVE A LOT OF POWER ! #

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I have always dared to dream BIG, and my "naive" approach to life has opened many doors for me both professionally as well as personally. I want to inspire you to feel that you can be everything you are

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