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Elle          Costume

So I promised I would tell you how the circle makes sense. But first of all, the circle is a ZEN symbol. It is supposed to be un-even, not full, and not perfect – because there is a kind message to us all: Do not aim for perfect – it does not exist. Accept failures and im-perfections. With that in mind, I continue my journey (sorry Anna Wintour), and embrace new challenges at work.

Eurowoman          IN

I could easily be scared and deprive myself of cool experiences if I had a mindset saying “I am not perfect” – but the last year has given me proofs of the opposite. For years and years I have spent SO MUCH MONEY buying fashion magazines. They inspired me – It thrilled me to look at all the beautiful editorials – I loved learning about the industry.


The magazines you see the covers of here above, plus some more, are in our showroom these days, where I present our HUGO BOSS, BOSS Woman, HUGO collections to them, with the purpose that they will choose a lot of the styles I show for the photo shootings / editorials to the magazines that will be in stores SS15.

COVER     ZEN Cirkel med tekst

Take care all of you, and celebrate that you are not meant to be perfect – so relax and enjoy life instead ❤

XOXO  Anja

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