Circles of Fashion – it makes a lot of sense

Fashion is like the champion in re-inventing itself, and normally that concept is very lucrative.

By accepting the circle –  like the Zen circle; The perfect  im-perfection –  you can grow both spiritually as a human being and in your professional work life. By  learning from your experiences from the past you can “create” a new path without having to re-invent everything you already know. That is why the circle never completely repeats itself but always comes in a slightly new shape.

The circle never takes you back  –  Only forward ❤

Today I started on a new round in my circle, and I will use everything I learned from “last time around” and make some new magic. I can´t wait  –  this is defiantly LIVING my life ❤

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You are a Goddess too

I have always dared to dream BIG, and my "naive" approach to life has opened many doors for me both professionally as well as personally. I want to inspire you to feel that you can be everything you are

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