Fashion Theory: Grey is Luxurious, Sexy & Stylish

What is grey to you? Is it mellow, soft, misty, November, Boring or full of opportunity´s? 

I am a person who do not think in “black & white” very often, because there are so many nuances to life that are in the grey zone – nuances that are extremely underestimated in my opinion. I mean “the grey zone” is quite similar to thinking “outside the box”, and seeing possibilities and paths that has been missed previously. I always felt that my mathematic teacher was boring and annoying because he claimed that there were only one right answer/solution to the problems, and I loved learning about paragraphs in business law, because here it was possible to find different arguments “for both sides of the story” – in business law we worked a lot in the grey zone, although you might think that law is very black and white.

I once read an interview with a famous fashion designer who claimed that grey is the least color that exists. Less of a color than black and white.

I totally disagree. Grey is NOT boring at all, here below you see how I choose to wear the color.

To me this is Luxurious, Sexy & Stylish 


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I have always dared to dream BIG, and my "naive" approach to life has opened many doors for me both professionally as well as personally. I want to inspire you to feel that you can be everything you are

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