This time it is all about Studio 54 the Glamour and the sexy appearance

Spring 2015 is soon arriving, and brings on very strong Fashion vibes from the 60-ties & 70-ties. Personally I am going to embrace the 70-ties and welcome the decade to my wardrobe. Previously, when the 70-ties has made an entrance it was a little to Hippy and BOHO for me.

This time, it is all about Studio 54 – The Glamour – Feminine and quit Sexy appearance – And with an attitude that holds the perfect balance of innocence and GIRL-Power. Sorry Spicegirls, but you did not invent girlpower! Here I pay my tribute to one of my personal favorites – DIANA ROSS.

Google tip:

When you want style inspiration then forget Cara for a moment at check up on Ali Macgraw and Bianca Jagger

ross-diana-ross-michael-jackson-12105825-299-375 13287232_21n



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