H&M Studio SS15 – Hyped as their designer co-operations!

HM-Studio-SS-2015-look-book-high-res-1-1The best Studio Collection EVER from H&M is soon (March 15th) available all around the world! I don´t think you have missed the press release of this, but I need to be sure :-)….

H&M´s Studio collections are soon just as hyped as their Designer co-operations, and that is pretty amazing! Here you see my choices – 4 looks that I might even copy right off, which is like breaking one of my core-rules. I believe it is “crucial” that you add your persona touch to whatever you wear

… but what to do, H&M´s stylists apparently had me on their mind when they did the styling for #H&Mstudioss15 collection :-))

images (1)



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