I am Anja

First I wanted to become a dancer…

 Then I did movies and shows as a stuntman for many years  –  (If you scroll all the way down in this post I´ll show you some pictures from back then)

I have worked as a Tour Guide in the Mediterranean countries and as a Stewardess for 13 years

Now I work in fashion – and have been a pat of the inside of the industry for 8 years!                   I WORK WITH MY PASSION – AND I AM DEEPLY THANKFUL FOR THAT ♥

I want to use this blog to give you Fashion tips and insider knowledges of what is going on in the business. The last couple of years I have had the privileges to inspire the Danish magazines when they were planning their fashion editorials with styles from HUGO BOSS, it has been a lot of fun, and we have had some great sessions together.

A few pictures from when I did a presentation of the Jason Wu FA14 collection for HUGO BOSS for the readers of one of the strongest Danish fashion magazines called EUROWOMAN http://www.eurowoman.dk/mode/nyheder/

IMG_2630     IMG_2613   IMG_2623

IMG_2626  IMG_2611


The pictures below are from “Alt for Damerne” a Danish magazine:



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